Christmas Cards

Personalized Christmas and Holiday Greeting Cards

Sugar Cookies

It’s not even Halloween,  but we have some pretty neat Christmas and Holiday cards already in the store!  This one is called Sugar Cookies.  Doesn’t it remind you of Christmas Cookies?  It has that little bit of holly in the greeting and your salutation is in a cute ornate tag.  The pale blue stripes on top look so cute with the  red, brown and blue stripes on the bottom.  There’s plenty of room on the back to add more photos or your own special holiday greeting!

And now, here’s something elegant if that’s more your style!

Deep Majestic

This is such a pretty card.  It’s a die cut card in a deep maroon color with white flowers.  It’s perfect for newlyweds too.  You can include your holiday greeting on the back instead of a photo or you can add more than one photo.

We’re having a lot of fun designing our new holiday cards this year.  We hope you like them!

Visit our holiday card section of the store today!  Holiday 2011

We still have our cards from last year too.  You can see those here: Holiday Cards